_5 REAL Tips to Lose Weight If You’re Lazy_

If you’re searching for REAL weight loss tips for lazy people look no further. This video will give you some quick ways to snap out of the lazy life hack mentality. Everyone wants an easy weight loss diet plan &…

_5 REAL Tips to Lose Weight If You're Lazy_



If you’re searching for REAL weight loss tips for lazy people look no further. This video will give you some quick ways to snap out of the lazy life hack mentality. Everyone wants an easy weight loss diet plan & workout plan, but these quick tricks usually don’t work. These 5 tips are proven to work.

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# 1- Responsibility 1:25
# 2 -You are in control 3:33
# 3 – Discipline 5:34
# 4 – Dismantle limiting beliefs 6:59
# 5- Penalties for not doing what you’re supposed to do 8:10

I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re thinking that I’m going to give you a bunch of quick and easy tips that probably don’t work. Lets be honest, doing things like drinking detox drinks, taking cold showers swallowing magical fat burning pills, eating from smaller plates, or Simply walking more and using the stairs rather than the elevator it can all help and by help I mean it can assist in the weight loss process but you know and I know that all these simple little tricks will never come close to replacing diet and exercise. Maybe at the most if you combine all of them you’ll burn 50 to 100 extra calories per day. And that’s really not going to help you lose very much weight at all. So in today’s video I Really Am here to help those of you that feel lazy & can’t seem to stick to a solid weight loss plan. And if you are truly looking to lose weight you have to understand that it all starts with your mental disposition. Because whether you’re lazy or not doesn’t change the fact that you will have to put in work to lose the weight. You can click on another video that’ll tell you otherwise but you know & I know that there will be work involved. So the question really comes down to what’s going to get you to do the work consistently without quitting & without cheating. And like I said over 90% of the battle is in your mind. So right now i want to go over five ways that are going to get you mentally prepared to do the work even if you’re the laziest person on planet Earth. Let’s start with the first way & that’s responsibility. You have to take responsibility for the way your body looks & the way your body feels. Nobody will take responsibility for you. It’s not up to your doctor it’s not up to your family or your friends it’s not even up to your personal trainer to ensure that you get into shape. Its solely up to you. Nobody can make the decision for you. You’re bodies present state today is a collection of the decisions that you’ve made over the course of last couple days, weeks, months, and years. Which means if you want to change it permanently you have to also change the decisions that you’re making on a daily basis. But before you can feel power over the decisions that you make you have to take full responsibility for your body. Taking responsibility doesn’t mean that everything has to be your fault. It’s obviously not your fault if your were born with a thyroid condition, or if you’re not naturally athletic, or if you have asthma. None of these are any more your fault than someone that’s born short rather than tall. However, you should take the responsibility to work on yourself from where you are now. Not everyone is dealt the same hand in life. Some people have easier starting points than others, but wherever you are it is solely your responsibility to take it in whatever direction you choose. You don’t get up every day & brush your teeth because it’s fun you do it because it’s necessary for your teeth to not fall out. Well it’s necessary for you to be physically active not for just parts of your life to quickly get into shape, but for your whole life. It’s necessary for you to not overindulge in processed food. You have a physical body because you were meant to be physically active & it’s your responsibility to stay Physically Active your whole life. Not do a workout program for a couple weeks & then stop for a couple months & then start again to lose the weight & then stop again & gain the weight back. Because every time you stop no matter what reason you come up with you are refusing to take responsibility. And then you fall down a slippery slope & make it harder & harder to take responsibility. Having this kind of mental disposition gives you control which is actually my second tip. You are in control. To be in control of your body means that you have a choice. In order for you to have a choice you have to align yourself with the nurture perspective over the nature perspective. To put it simply with the nature perspective the spotlight is on genetics & there’s no denying that genetics exist but with nature, your usually giving your genes more credit & more control than yourself & your actions. With nurture yes of course genes will influence certain traits, but your environment plays a much larger role.

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