‘I’m in the room of people that have more talent in their little finger than I can possibly have’. Chris Kenner might have been exaggerating here just a wee bit, but for us it’s relatable. One thought of spending 3…




‘I’m in the room of people that have more talent in their little finger than I can possibly have’.

Chris Kenner might have been exaggerating here just a wee bit, but for us it’s relatable. One thought of spending 3 days in the company of 300 extremely creative and gifted people from across the globe is indeed surreal. Cardistry-Con 2017 in Los Angeles was our first conference and our first chance to meet such artists as Dan and Dave Buck, Andrei Jikh, Dimitri Arleri and Alejandro Portela who have been inspiring us since the day one. We feel incredibly lucky, honoured and humbled.

This is arguably the best cardistry video we have ever produced to date. Not because of some fancy editing or extraordinary camera tricks on our part (although we had no chill filming all three days non-stop and there’s more stuff to come). But due to the amount of talent & raw skill we have witnessed and managed to pack into this short video.

We hope you like it!

Camera work/editing: Alex Melnik

Comment below a timestamp if you notice yourself in the video or would like give someone else a s/o. Here are some of our favs:

0:00 TEAMWORK! Nikolaj Honoré + Manuela Rud
0:38 Alejandro Portela being smooth af
0:47 Dimitri Arleri performing Hoop + Bird Cage
1:04 Matt Fox nailing Spring Triangle and Rainbow Spring
1:36 Birger Karlsson with the Vad Fan and Trist (it’s insane)
1:52 Cooper Eddy of Sweets Kendamas landing the Tightrope, the hardest trick in the business
2:33 Sometimes it feels that Tobias Levin’s sweet combos will never end!
2:40 Nikolaj Honoré killing it with Anyone Worldwide cards
2:49 Nikolay of December Boys excelling at Le Paul spread and Under Pressure
2:53 Andrei Jikh with one hell of a flow of smoothness rocking those Virtuoso S/S 16
3:25 Andrei’s springs are so savage, literally tearing the cards apart. What a beast!
3:51 Chris Kenner with some bants
3:58 Chad Nelson leaving Capaso Casino in the dust with his full display
4:03 Manuela Rud performing Mantra and Padiddle in front of awe-struck Zach Mueller and co.
4:39 Michael -My Turn- Stern sharing some gold with December Boys
5:06 That’s BANANAS
5:28 A loop of Shivraj’s Cavities by Bas John coming soon?
5:51 Cardistry-Con without a Pandora battle? No way! Dan Buck vs Alex Melnik of December Boys
6:11 It’s official. Cardist of the year confirmed!
6:41 Mind-boggling One Handed Triforce by Antoine Thomas
6:53 Mahdi Gilbert honing some aerials
7:05 Tiny Hands of Scott Black
7:31 Buzzsaw by Brendan Conner
7:45 Sean O. with some spectacular tekkers
7:51 Sometimes one card is enough! Andrei & Dimitri taking Origin deck by Cardistry Touch for a spin
8:13 Duong Nguyen (Yang Nguyễn) of Di.cardistry shows some style
8:39 Franco Pascali jamming with Matthew Beaudouin
9:12 Henrik Forberg with some wynnderful cuts
9:26 Kevin Yu making De’Vo proud
10:16 Cardistry-Con attendees witnessing BRAINBOX live feat. Scott Black with Carrots Fontaine cards
11:03 Oliver Sogard, more like Oliver So Smooooth
11:29 Edgar Isaac producing incredible isolation material
11:59 Dan and Dave Buck crushing it
12:24 Jaspas wrapping up the video with Card Engine

Check out our blog (article coming soon) for more Cardistry Con experience:

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Credits for Cardistry-Con Battle video (2:11):

Additional thanks for helping out with the thumbnail font:

Instrumental produced by Chuki –
Hip Hop Rap Instrumental (Crying Over You) by Chris Morrow 4
Magic Tricks by Whalers


“Я нахожусь в комнате с людьми, у которых в одном мизинце таланта больше, чем я когда-либо смогу обрести”.

Крис Кеннер, конечно же, немного преувеличивал, когда говорил это касательно себя, но эта цитата точно о нас. Одна лишь мысль, что мы проведем 3 дня в компании 300 невероятно творческих и обдаренных людей, казалась нам полнейшим сюром. Кадистри-Кон 2017 в Лос-Анджелесе был нашей первой конференцией и первой возможностью встретить таких исполнителей, как Дэн и Дэйв Бак, Андрей Жих, Димитри Арлери и Алехандро Портела. Они вдохновляли нас долгие годы и для нас было большой честью познакомиться с ними вживую.

Это, пожалуй, наше лушчее кардистри видео на сегодня. Не потому, что в нем какой-то запредельный монтаж или приемы (впрочем мы снимали все три дня нон-стоп, больше видео -скоро). А благодаря тому, сколько таланта мы увидели воочию и упаковали в это короткое видео.


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