Marketing Monday with Serving Social Episode 313 We are starting a regular tradition each month with the third Monday being a Marketing Monday. We have Money Mondays on the first Monday with Quest. We’re excited to have the third Monday be marketing. All about…

Marketing Monday with Serving Social


Episode 313

We are starting a regular tradition each month with the third Monday being a Marketing Monday. We have Money Mondays on the first Monday with Quest. We’re excited to have the third Monday be marketing. All about marketing with an amazing couple of people doing some rocking jobs, rocking in the RV all across the country, helping people take care of things out there. We are joined with the brain power of Serving Social, Kristie and Elijah Whites.

We’re good.

We are excited. It’s hard to believe that we are literally days out from Note CAMP 6 taking place. You guys have been speakers in the last two, four, and five and two of the highest ranked. Everybody loves your stuff. You’ve also become a staple of the Masterminds for coming out and sharing some great stuff. Also, our cohorts in crime for the National Social Media Day, 26.5-hour live stream craziness that we did.

A lot of great info that came off that. Even stuff that I didn’t even know. It’s great to listen to the experts. There’s a lot of good stuff.

That’s why you bring in the experts to talk about all these topics. There are going to be topics that you don’t think that you would talk about. The practical application of stuff but then also a deep thought in concepts of mental health, in concepts of different things.

I enjoyed it immensely. We’ve got some great stuff. I know that you’ve been working hard on the replay videos and we’re jacked up because we’ve gone over 100,000 views on the actual page.

We’ve been taking daily tips from our video and going back and optimizing all our YouTube videos. It’s been very helpful for us.

Dana Garrison rocked in both of her sessions. I was excited about that. People fail to realize that you and me, we’re always constantly learning new tricks. We’re always constantly learning on new things to help better our business. Even though you guys you are teaching us entrepreneurs across the country, you never stop learning because the technology never stops evolving.

Constantly, things are changing. The networks are changing. People’s mentality are changing. The way they search for things, what they like, and what they don’t like. You hear stuff like trends all the time and there are so many trends online that, as a small business, sometimes you can get lost in the trends instead of having a foundation that you’re building on. When the trends come through, you ride the trend out, but you don’t base your entire marketing on the trend because it is what it is. It’s just a trend. It’s a fad. It goes away. The algorithms change. Facebook or one of the other social networks decides, “We don’t like that anymore. It’s not generating what we need.” They do away with it or they change it up.

There were major announcements for every social network. They had new updates that dropped. They had new features that are now available. We’re having to take time out, not only as business owners for our own business to do, but also as individuals. What do I need to learn now? Like Instagram’s IGTV. You can upload a whole one-hour video to Instagram Television. If any of these changes aren’t telling you anything, it’s all video, it’s all television, it’s all we want to watch versus read it.

Which we all heard when Kris and I were at Digital Marketer Traffic and Conversion Summit from Mari Smith. Let’s talk about those things. The people I talked to were like, “It’s overwhelming.” Everywhere I go, people are like, “You’re killing it. You’re doing amazing stuff.” Marketing online and marketing, it’s not a lot of stuff that I’m doing, I’m just getting it out there.

You’re consistent, Scott. That’s the one thing that you kill it on. That’s what blows people’s mind is the consistency. There’s nothing more gratifying than spending a whole week and just getting a week’s worth of postings out and then the next week comes around and you’re like, “I need to do that.” Your day-to-day keeps on building up and here you are and you’re like, “I’m going to do another posting.” That’s not good enough. What you do well is you’re consistent. You’re always out there. People know that, “If I refer somebody to your channel, you’re going to be on there putting out content on a regular basis all the time.” That’s what a lot of businesses miss out on is that they’re not being consistent with their content. A lot of times is that they don’t know what to put out there. Content can be very bold. When it comes down to it, if you can figure out the type of content you put out and you clearly have, you have your Note Closers Show. That right there allows you to be consistent.

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