NEW YORK SNIP268 – Morphine

I’m tempted to leave today’s videoBlog blank – then why not do it? I would be doing you a favor especially because that there’s so much stuff being written and transmitted that I, for one, feel often or always, many…

NEW YORK SNIP268 – Morphine



I’m tempted to leave today’s videoBlog blank – then why not do it? I would be doing you a favor especially because that there’s so much stuff being written and transmitted that I, for one, feel often or always, many steps behind the enlightenment & information curves. I can’t seem to get to the pile of The New Yorker magazines that a friendly neighbor gives me every three months, and the one week-behind-current issue that another friendly soul offers me. I have given up on the New York Times more than a decade ago, although I do make a daily expedition along my green carpeted hallway to the trash room to see if there’s a current discarded NYT issue primarily for the Op-Ed pages & Editor’s Opinion, and I do have a special place in my heart to connect with the one unknown neighbor of fourteen on my floor who subscribes to The Jewish Week which is absolutely no relation to The Jewish Daily Forward, now since renamed The Forward. It was founded in 1897 by fifty Jewish Socialists; at its height of influence it built a 10 story building on East Broadway on the Lower Eastside in New York which in the 1990s was repurposed as a residential condominium. I took judo lessons in that building half a century ago. (Judo appears to be Israel’s new national sport after soccer which could be considered progress since judo is defensive, not offensive.)
The facade still features the carved bas relief portraits of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Ferdinand Lassalle and a fourth unidentified socialist. The Forward still defends trade unionism and democratic socialism, or Socialist Democracy, which sees little daylight in today’s Capitalist Democracy, although an audible echo still resounds from Vermont’s senator Bernie Sanders, and also, thankfully, from America’s Liberal Jewry whose hearts still identify with the economic and political disadvantages of their parents’ and parents’ parents’ second class citizenship in planet-wide countries especially in Eastern Europe as well as Central Europe, including 1850-1950s America..
I am sorry to intrude conjuring up in your mind these days’ dysfunctional political world where no serious legislation is being contemplated dealing with, for example, such a terrible issue as PRISON REFORM where hundreds of thousands of low level and economically disadvantaged prisoners, primarily Brown, are incarcerated for decades. It is an international American disgrace! America, hypocritically, so outraged about China’s, Russia’s, Iran’s and SaudiArabia’s judicial systems, has the world’s largest prison population, and in addition, has minimal rehabilitation and reëducation process in place. And the current administration is of course happy to continue to privatize that profitable industry, building & administering more prisons. And REËDUCATION for a non-manufacturing current and future economy is nowhere to be funded or even discussed. As far as IMMIGRANT REFORM, of course the Republican controlled government does not want millions of Democratic voting immigrants to threaten their fierce political hold! But the compromise of non-voting path to citizenship for the illegal immigrants, not their American born children, is barely allowed into the immigrant legislation reform discussion. Why? They are politicians not legislators. Self-serving not civic minded.
And as if that’s not enough to concern most Democratic or Independent American voters, look who is standing in the shadow behind the possibly-to-be impeached president Trump – MIKE PENCE. If you think the crooked businessman was a good trick up the Republicans’ sleeves that earned them two conservative justices to the Supreme Court FOR LIFE, and a so-called tax reform bill, wait to you see their next tricks to keep political power – CHRISTIAN EVANGELICALS RIGHT BEHIND PENCE. They have a lot of ambitions when it comes to abolishing abortion rights, mandatory conversion therapy, and holding firm on the judicial system that keeps millions of Brown voters from citizens’ right to vote, and voting rights regulations that suppresses further voters’ rights with decreased access to polls and stricter voter identification. Talk about the stove calling the kettle black – Republicans commit the very FRAUD they accuse Democrats of perpetrating.

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