Tips to deal with negativity bias

We all have a natural tendency to focus on perceived threats due to our brain’s evolutionary journey. This tendency is called the negativity bias. We are wired to be on alert to things that might be harmful and to take…

Google Answer Box

Hey all! Time for Hike’s weekly video � In this video Andy & Kieran discuss best practice tips for getting your website into Google answer box (also known as position zero!). Let us know what you think in the comments!

Do It Yourself Staff Development

Great programs begin with great staff. Learn how to design and deliver high-quality professional development, even with limited time and resources. Walk away with tools, tips, and strategies to integrate ongoing staff development into your program.

How to calm your stress response

It is all too easy to launch into an automatic pilot when dealing with an awkward situation. This is because our survival instinct will kick in when we feel threatened – regardless as to whether it is real or perceived.…