The Hula Hoop Girl “Follow Your Why” Caroline Cárdenas, MSN, RN, CBCN

I am deeply honored to be able to share “Follow Your Why” Story through Walden University​ “Follow Your Why” Campaign. In this mini film, I was given the platform to share my story of how my mother’s tragic death from…

The Hula Hoop Girl "Follow Your Why" Caroline Cárdenas, MSN, RN, CBCN



I am deeply honored to be able to share “Follow Your Why” Story through Walden University​ “Follow Your Why” Campaign.

In this mini film, I was given the platform to share my story of how my mother’s tragic death from Breast Cancer at such a young age, inspired me to become an Oncology Nurse. Throughout my journey in serving as Oncology Nurse I came to discover the occupational hazards of burnout and compassion fatigue that are real and exist in healthcare today. My journey with hoopdance became a powerful form of self-care through body play that replenished my joy, allowed me to become more embodied and allowed me to provide loving and healing presence for the patients that I have had the honor to serve.

Walden University equipped me with the tools I needed to achieve some of my wildest dreams of writing my Master’s Thesis on “Hoopdancing to Prevent and Decrease Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses”, graduate with a Master of Science in Nursing Education, publish my Master’s Thesis in the Journal of Emergency Nursing and the University of California San Diego Nursing Journal, and create, develop, guide, and lead The Hula Hoop Girl​ Elemental Hoopdance Classes, Workshops, and Retreats throughout the San Diego community for Nurses and for Women, with the vision of guiding women and nurses to feel empowered to cultivate their courage by replenishing their joy through body play, empowered to live an embodied life, and empowered to express their unique rhythmic expression for the world to witness and benefit.

I want to thank Walden University for giving me the tools to achieve my dreams and for giving me a platform to honor and thank my mother Grace Maria Cabañas who loved her children with all of her heart and did a superb job raising her children! I know she, as my guardian angel had much to do with blessing me with an opportunity to not only live my dreams but to share my dreams with the world. I also want to thank my family, friends, and students who have shown up for me day in and day out with a loving and open heart, who have believed in my vision and my mission, who have encouraged me to live boldly, and who have participated in my classes, workshops, and retreats. I love you all so much!

A very special shout out to Yanai D. Calderon​, Mia Vaughnes​, Laurel Prince​, Hanna Mohamed​, Chelsea Joy Allen​ & Martuska Martak​ thank you thank you thank you for participating in the filming and for your unyielding support. I love each of you so much and am grateful of your time, attention, trust, and faith in my Soul-Service in the world. Thank you for showing up early morning with an open heart and mind with a beautiful willingness to support this sacred cause, ready to move and groove and flow.

I am filled with such gratitude that I was given the platform and the chance to share my story of where I have come, where I currently am, and where I am headed.

I can honestly say, that the hard work that comes from dedicating yourself to furthering your education has been the best and the smartest thing I have ever done that has and continues to open the doors of opportunity. I have never met a person who has regretted their education. And so, if you are curious about furthering your education, don’t hesitate. I can tell you from personal experience the road less traveled of furthering your education, is not an easy road, but a road that yield many amazing experiences, a road, that shapes you in the best of ways, and simply put, worth it!

Thank you Walden University and Storyfarm​ for an incredible mini-film and for such a wonderful experience! I am forever grateful!

AND a deep bow to all who have believed in me and who continue to believe in my Soul-Service in the world as Embodied Movement Meditation Educator through Self-Care Body Play Practices of Hoopdance, Ecstatic Dance, and Yoga.

And if you had a chance to watch this video, drop me a line in the comment section. It was produced, filmed, and edited with a hardworking production, marketing, film, and acting crew. And not to mention amazingly talented hoopdancers and Nurses!

With Love and Mahalo in my heart!

Soulfully, Caroline Pauline Cárdenas​, MSN, RN, CBCN, RYT 200hr creator of The Hula Hoop Girl

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